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Waste Water

Effluent wastewater from an industrial facility may carry a broad and variable range of contaminants, including BOD, COD, color, phenols, cyanides, sanitary waste and a host of complex chemicals. Ozone, in combination with UV and/or other physical, chemical or biological processes, has the potential to treat complex industrial wastes due to its strong oxidative nature. In combination with medium pressure UV, ozone exhibits the power of advanced oxidation for TOC reduction, as well as destruction of organics. Potential industries that can benefit from ozone and UV include pharmaceuticals, textiles, automotive, foundry, etc.

In arid areas, due to water scarcity, treated wastewater can be used for a reuse application such as land or golf irrigation. Water recycling avoids water shortages and protects water resources. Water recycling is safe, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective for decision-makers who care about environmental resources. For operating cost reduction, municipalities and industry are smart to invest in reuse installations to reduce their fresh water consumption. Ozonia and Aquasource can implement different solutions to contribute to integrated water management.